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Doug Truesdell
1 month ago

The Tesla Service Center in Superior CO is closed due to the Marshall fire. Still handling remote service, but the shop burned and is being rebuilt.

Michael W LeMay
9 months ago

Delivery date has been changed from September to December through January, so I need to change our delivery from Minnesota to Florida.

Tim Oakley
9 months ago

Published phone numbers (web page ) are a circular reference. Same automated voice maze to nowhere.

Craig Ota
9 months ago

How do we get in contact with a real person to find out if our car is done?

fred bass
10 months ago

I am extremely frustrated. I believe you have a messed up appointment with me for May 7 — right time and wrong thing — and I cannot talk to a human being. My number is 832-755-8179. Please call .

11 months ago

Impossible to talk to a real person. Put on terminal hold after spending 10 minutes figuring out how to try to get hold of service for status on car. Finally got routed to customer service and they basically referred me to Tesla app which said one week till completion? My issue was a low battery! I know stuff happens but it would be nice to talk to the ACTUAL service center and they get up from their chair and check the with service guys to give me SOME idea of actual completion. ZERO star rating. I posted 3 stars because service guy initially was courteous.