How to remove an iPad as a key to a Tesla Model Y

To remove an iPad or any other device as a key from a Tesla Model Y, you can follow these steps:

  1. On the vehicle’s touchscreen, go to Controls > Locks.
  2. In the key list, find the key (in this case, your iPad) that you would like to delete and touch its associated trash icon.
  3. When prompted, scan an authenticated key on the card reader to confirm the deletion.
  4. When complete, the key list will no longer include the deleted key.

Please note that Model Y requires at least one authenticated key card or key fob at all times. If only one key card remains on the key list, you cannot delete it. Also, remember to bring a key with you when you drive. Although you can drive Model Y away from its key, you will be unable to power it back on after it powers off.

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