Audio controls and Media on Model 3

Media and Audio – Overview

Touch the Media Player icon at the bottom of the touchscreen to play various types of media through your vehicle’s speaker system. The media options available to you depend on market region and options chosen at time of purchase. For example, you can stream internet radio or podcasts (if equipped with premium connectivity), listen to FM radio. You can also play audio files from a Bluetooth or USB-connected device.

Media Player provides three different levels of viewing that you can access by dragging the Media Player window upward or downward. Initially, just the Miniplayer displays. The Miniplayer, which occupies the least amount of space on the touchscreen, displays what’s currently playing and provides only the basic functions, mostly associated with what’s playing. Drag upward to display Recents and Favorites and access the icons you can use to change your media source (described next). Drag upward again to browse through all available options for the chosen type of source content.

Use the icons across the bottom of Media Player to change your media source (for example, FM, Streaming, or a Bluetooth-connected device). Customize your preferred media sources by going to Media Player > Settings > Sources and hide sources that you do not use. Use the tabs on the left to narrow down the type of content you want to browse through—the associated content displays on the right. For Radio, you can browse through Favorite Stations or you can touch Direct Tune to enter the frequency of a specific channel. For Streaming, you can browse through Favorites, Top Stations, DJ Series, and Genres.

Volume Control

Roll the scroll button on the left side of the steering wheel up or down to increase or decrease volume respectively. The scroll button adjusts the volume for media, navigation instructions, or phone calls, based on what is currently being heard through the speakers. You can also adjust the volume by touching the arrows associated with the speaker icon on the bottom of the touchscreen.

To mute the volume, press the left scroll button. Press again to unmute.

NOTE: Pressing the left scroll button during a phone call mutes both the sound and your microphone.

NOTE: If you’re playing media and you receive a phone call, or the navigation system is speaking directions, the volume of what you are listening to is temporarily muted.

Searching Media Content

Touch Media Player’s magnifying glass icon to search for a particular song, album, artist, podcast, or station. Select a filter to narrow the scope of your search, or leave it at its default setting to include top results from all available source content. If available, touch HD® to play high definition versions of the selected frequency.

NOTE: Use voice commands to search hands-free.

FM Radio

If available in your market region and location, Media Player provides FM radio stations that you can select from the Radio source. Touch the next or previous arrows to move from one frequency to the next (or previous). Or touch Direct Tune to enter a specific frequency. If available, touch HD® to play high definition versions of the selected frequency.

For easy access to radio stations you listen to frequently, mark it as a favorite so it’s readily available in your Favorites list.

Internet Radio and Music Streaming Services (if equipped)

NOTE: Streaming services are available over a data connection available with Premium Connectivity. For some media services, you can use a default Tesla account. For others, you may need to enter account credentials the first time you use it.

To listen, touch the Media Player icon and choose the streaming service you want to listen to.

Browse through the available categories and/or stations, then touch what you want to play. When browsing through a large category such as genres, you may need to drag the window upward to enlarge it and view more available options. When you choose an option that displays multiple results on a new window, touch BACK at the top of the window to return to the main browse page.

You can also use voice commands to play a specific song, artist, or album from an Internet radio service.

When listening to internet radio or a music streaming service, the options available on Miniplayer can vary depending on what you are listening to:

• Touch the next (or previous) arrows to play the next (and in some cases previous) available station, episode, or track being provided by the Internet radio service.
• Like or dislike a song or podcast. When you like a song, for example, the radio station plays similar songs. When you dislike a song, the song won’t be played again.
• Touch the DJ icon (if available) to include commentary for the content you are streaming. DJ commentary includes music history and behind-the-scenes stories.

NOTE: When playing a podcast (if available), you can rewind or fast forward to any location in the show. On the Miniplayer, drag the slider to the desired location or touch the rewind/fast forward icons to move back or forward 15 seconds at a time.


In addition to various streaming services, your vehicle is equipped with Caraoke. To access Caraoke, touch the Music icon near the bottom of the touchscreen. You can browse through various songs and select the song you want to sing. Touch the microphone icon to enable or disable the song’s main vocals. Disabling the microphone leaves only the song’s instrumentals and background vocals. Touch the lyrics icon (located next to the microphone icon) to enable or disable the song’s lyrics.

NOTE: Depending on vehicle configuration and market region, Caraoke may not be available on your vehicle.

WARNING: Never read Caraoke lyrics while driving. You must always pay attention to the road and traffic conditions. When driving, the Caraoke lyrics are intended only for use by a passenger.

Favorites and Recents

For most source content, your favorites display at the top of Media Player’s expanded view for easy access.

To add a currently playing station, podcast, or audio file to your Favorites list, touch the Favorites icon on Miniplayer.

To remove an item as a favorite, touch the highlighted Favorites icon on Miniplayer.
You can also remove multiple favorites by expanding Miniplayer one level to show all favorites for the applicable type of source content. Then press and hold any favorite. An X appears on all favorites and you can then touch the X to remove it from your Favorites list.

To see selections that you have recently played, scroll up one level from Miniplayer and touch Recent. Your recently played selections are updated continuously so you don’t need to remove them.

NOTE: Selections you play on FM radio are not included in your Recent list.

Playing Media from Devices

You can play audio files from a Bluetooth-connected device (like a phone) or a USBconnected flash drive. When you connect a Bluetooth-capable device, the name of the device displays when you choose the Phone source. When you connect a USB flash drive, Media Player displays the driver’s source content.

To play the next song in a selected playlist or album, touch the previous or next arrows on Miniplayer. You can also shuffle tracks in a playlist or repeat a playlist or track using the shuffle/repeat icons (if available).

USB Connected Flash Drives

Connect a flash drive to a front USB connection. Touch Media Player > USB, and then touch the name of the folder that contains the song you want to play. After you display the contents of a folder on the USB connected flash drive, you can touch any song in the list to play it. Or use the previous and next arrows in Miniplayer to scroll through your songs.

NOTE: To play media from a USB connection, Model 3 recognizes flash drives only. You can play media from other types of devices (such as an iPod) by connecting the device using Bluetooth.

NOTE: Media Player supports USB flash drives with FAT32 formatting (NTFS and exFAT are not currently supported).

NOTE: Use a USB connection located at the front of the center console. The USB connections at the rear of the console are for charging only.

Bluetooth Connected Devices

If you have a Bluetooth-capable device such as a phone that is paired and connected to Model 3, you can play audio files stored on it and you can stream music from it. Choose Media Player’s Phone source, then touch the name of your Bluetooth-connected device, and then touch CONNECT.

Your Bluetooth device begins playing the audio file that is currently active on your device, and Media Player displays the Miniplayer view. If no audio file is playing on your device, use your device to choose the audio file you want to listen to. When the chosen file begins to play, you can then use Miniplayer’s next and previous icons to play other tracks.

NOTE: To play media from a Bluetooth-connected device, ensure that access to the device’s media is turned on.

Audio Settings

Press the settings icon at the bottom corner of Media Player to access audio settings. Adjust speaker equalization and set preferences for optional features and media sources (based on your vehicle’s manufacture date, features, and market region). For example, you can turn immersive sound on or off, but if equipped with the premium package, you can choose between Standard, High, and Off.

To adjust any of the five frequency bands (Bass, Bass/Mid, Mid, Mid/Treble, and Treble) drag the corresponding slider up or down the decibel (dB) bar.

To adjust balance, touch Balance and drag the center circle of the cross bars to the location in Model 3 where you want to focus the sound.

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Michael Franchell
1 year ago

I want to load some of my favorite songs such as Cherish by the Association and more. There has to be a way the car is so high tech.

Michael Franchell
1 year ago

where is the Tesla USB drive

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11 months ago

This is great. Thank you.

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