How to Open and Close Front Trunk on Model 3


To open the front trunk:

  1. Ensure that the area around the hood is free of obstacles.
  2. Touch the associated OPEN button on the touchscreen, double-click the front trunk button on the key fob accessory, or touch the front trunk button on the mobile app.
  3. Pull the hood up.

When a door or trunk is open, the touchscreen displays the Door Open indicator light. The image of your Model 3 on the touchscreen also displays the open front trunk.

WARNING: Before opening or closing the hood, it is important to check that the area around the hood is free of obstacles (people and objects). Failure to do so may result in damage or serious injury.

NOTE: The front trunk locks whenever closed and you lock Model 3 using the touchscreen, mobile app, key card, you leave Model 3 carrying your authenticated phone (if Walk-Away Door Lock is turned on), or if Valet mode is active.


The Model 3 hood is not heavy enough to latch under its own weight and applying pressure on the front edge or center of the hood can cause damage.
To properly close the hood:

  1. Lower the hood until the striker touches the latches.
  2. Place both hands on the front of the hood, few inches to the left and right from the Tesla logo, then press down firmly to engage the latches.
  3. Carefully try to lift the front edge of the hood to ensure that it is fully closed.

CAUTION: To prevent damage:
• Apply pressure only to the areas left and right from the Tesla badge. Applying pressure to other areas can cause damage.
• Do not close the hood with one hand. Doing so applies concentrated force in one area and can result in a dent or crease.
• Do not apply pressure to the front edge of the hood. Doing so can crease the edge.
• Do not slam or drop the hood.

WARNING: Before driving, you must ensure that the hood is securely latched in the fully closed position by carefully trying to lift the front edge of the hood upward and confirming there is no movement.

Interior Emergency Release

An illuminated interior release button inside the front trunk allows a person locked inside to get out.

Press the interior release button to open the front trunk, then push up on the hood.

NOTE: The interior release button glows following a brief exposure to ambient light.

WARNING: People should never climb inside the front trunk. Never shut the front trunk when a person is inside.

WARNING: Care should be taken to ensure that objects inside the front trunk do not bump against the release button, causing the trunk to accidentally open.

Opening Hood with No Power

In the unlikely event that Model 3 has no 12V power, you will be unable to open the front trunk using the touchscreen, key fob, or mobile app. To open the front trunk in this situation:

NOTE: The following will not open the front trunk if Model 3 is locked and has 12V power.

  1. Locate an external 12V power supply (such as a portable jump starter).
  2. Release the tow eye cover by pressing firmly on the top right perimeter of the cover until it pivots inward, then gently pulling the raised section toward you.

NOTE: Depending on production date, either the positive or negative terminal may be attached to the tow eye cover.

  1. Pull the two wires out of the tow eye opening to expose both terminals.
  2. Connect the 12V power supply’s red positive (+) cable to the red positive (+) terminal.
  3. Connect the 12V power supply’s black negative (-) cable to the black negative (-) terminal.

NOTE: Applying external 12V power to these terminals only releases the hood latches. You cannot charge the 12V battery using these terminals.

  1. Turn on the external power supply (refer to the manufacturer’s instructions). The hood latches are immediately released and you can now open the hood to access the front trunk area.
  2. Disconnect both cables, beginning with the black negative (-) cable.
  3. If pulling the vehicle onto a flatbed truck, do not replace the tow eye cover yet. If necessary, replace the tow eye cover by inserting the wires into the tow eye opening and aligning the tow eye cover into position and turning it into place.
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