How to restart Touchscreen on Model 3

Restarting the Touchscreen

If your touchscreen is unresponsive or demonstrates unusual behavior, you can restart it to potentially resolve the issue.

WARNING: Only restart the touchscreen while the vehicle is stopped and in Park. The car status display, safety warnings, backup camera, etc. will not be visible during the restart.

  1. Shift into Park. Starting and Powering Off
  2. Hold down both scroll buttons on the steering wheel until the touchscreen turns black and the Tesla logo appears.
  3. Wait approximately 30 seconds for the touchscreen to restart. If the touchscreen is still unresponsive or demonstrating unusual behavior after a few minutes, try powering the vehicle off (touch Controls >Safety & Security > Power Off).

Note: Restarting the touchscreen using the scroll buttons does not power Tesla Model 3 off and on.

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