How to use Key Card with Model 3

Tesla Model 3 comes with two key cards, designed
to fit in a wallet. Tap Model 3 key card on one of
its card readers, located on the driver’s side door pillar
and on the center console.

To use a key card to unlock or lock Model 3, position the
card as shown and tap it against the card reader located
just below the Autopilot camera on the driver’s side
door pillar.

When Model 3 detects the key card, the
exterior lights flash, the mirrors unfold or fold (if Fold
Mirrors is on), the horn sounds (if Lock Sound
Confirmation is on), and the doors unlock or lock.

NOTE: You may need to physically touch the center
console or driver’s side door pillar with the key card, and
you may need to hold it against the transmitter for one
or two seconds.

Once inside, power up Model 3 by pressing the brake
pedal within two minutes of scanning the key card.

If you wait longer than two minutes, you must re-authenticate
by placing the key card near the card reader located behind
the cup holders on the center console. When your key
card is detected, your two minute authentication period

NOTE: Walk-Away Door Lock operates only when using
an authenticated phone or passive key fob. When you
walk away from Model 3 carrying your key card, Model 3
does not automatically unlock/lock, even if this feature
is turned on (see Walk-Away Door Lock on page 14).

CAUTION: Always carry your key card with you to use
as a backup in case your authenticated phone has a
dead battery, or is lost or stolen.

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