2014 Tesla Model S

Exterior Dimensions

Overall Length196 in4,970 mm
Overall Width (including mirrors)
Overall Width (excluding mirrors)
86.2 in
77.3 in
2,189 mm
1,963 mm
Overall Height56.5 in1,427 mm
Wheel Base116.5 in2,960 mm
Overhang – Front37 in929 mm
Overhang – Rear42.5 in1080 mm
Ground Clearance6 in155 mm
Track – Front
Track – Rear
65.4 in
66.9 in
1,661 mm
1,699 mm

Battery – 12V

Rating33 amp-hr or higher
Voltage and Polarity12V negative (-) ground

Battery – High Voltage

TypeLiquid-cooled lithium ion (Li-ion)
Rating60 or 85 kWh (at beginning of life)
Voltage and Polarity366V DC negative (-) ground
Temperature RangeDo not expose Model S to ambient
temperatures above 140° F (60° C) or
below -22° F (-30° C) for more than 24
hours at a time.


Type4-wheel anti-lock braking system (ABS) with Electronic Brake Force Distribution,
Integrated Advanced Stability Control
and Electronic Accelerator pedal actuated
regenerative braking system
CalipersFour piston fixed
Rotor Diameters (ventilated)Front: 13.98”/355 mm
Rear: 14.37”/365 mm
Front Rotor thicknessNew: 1.26”/32 mm
Service limit: 1.18”/30 mm
Rear Rotor thicknessNew: 1.10”/28 mm
Service limit: 1.02”/26 mm
Front Brake Pad Thickness (excluding back plate)New: 0.354”/9.0 mm
Service limit: 0.078”/2 mm
Rear Brake Pad Thickness (excluding back plate)New: 0.315”/8.0 mm
Service limit: 0.078”/2 mm
Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) Pad Thickness (excluding back plate). Electronic calipers self-adjust for pad wear.New: 0.216”/5.5 mm
Service limit: 0.039”/1 mm
Parking brakeElectrically actuated parking brake calipers


FrontIndependent, double wishbone, air spring
or coil spring/telescopic damper, sway bar
RearIndependent, multi-link, air spring or coil
spring/telescopic damper, sway bar (air
suspension vehicles only)


TypeRack and pinion with electronic power
Variable ratio and speed sensitive
Number of turns lock to lock2.45
Turning Circle (curb to curb)11.3 metres


TypeAC induction motor, liquid-cooled, with
variable frequency drive
Rating375 Volts
Maximum Speed16000 rpm


TypeSingle speed fixed gear
Overall Final Drive Ratio9.73:1
Reverse GearReverse direction of motor, limited to
24 km/h


Curb Weight* (85 kWh Battery)4,630 lbs2,100 kg
Curb Weight* (60 kWh Battery)4,407 lbs1,999 kg
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating5,710 lbs2,590 kg
Gross Vehicle Weight Distribution –
19″ wheels
Front: 2,425 lbs
Rear: 3,285 lbs
Front: 1,100 kg
Rear: 1,490 kg
Gross Vehicle Weight Distribution –
21″ wheels
Front: 2,612 lbs
Rear: 3,097 lbs
Front: 1,185 kg
Rear: 1,405 kg
Gross Axle Weight Rating- Front2,813 lbs1,276 kg
Gross Axle Weight Rating- Front
(Performance Plus models)
2,723 lbs1,235 kg
Gross Axle Weight Rating – Rear: 19″
3,307 lbs1,500 kg
Gross Axle Weight Rating – Rear: 21″
3,131 lbs1,420 kg
Trailer towing not permissible.
*Curb Weight = weight of the vehicle with correct fluid levels, no occupants and no cargo

Wheel Specifications

Wheel SpecificationsLocationSizeOffset
19″Front and Rear8.0J x 191.575″
40 mm
21″ – Silver (standard)Front8.5J x 211.575″
40 mm
21″ – Grey (standard)Rear8.5J x 211.575″
40 mm
21″ – Silver and Grey (optional) Performance Plus vehiclesRear9.0J x 211.575″
40 mm
Road Wheel Nut Torque129 lb. ft (175 Nm)
Requirements for dynamic wheel balance.49 ounces (14 grams)

Tire Specifications

Tire TypeLocationSize
19″ wheels (85 kWh vehicles): MichelinAllP245/45R19
19″ wheels (60 kWh vehicles):
Standard – Goodyear
Optional – Michelin
21″ wheels: ContinentalAllP245/35R21
21″ wheels on Performance Plus vehicles:

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10 months ago

Can anyone comment on their experience with this model?

9 months ago

I have 60kW version and my experience is mostly positive especially considering that it was the cheapest Model S ever sold. I usually get up to 200mi of range. If this is not enough for your needs, you might want to look for a model with 85kWh battery. There is one rear motor in 60 & 85 models and dual motors (AWD) in the P85D.

Priya Parek
9 months ago

Considering getting a used 2014 Model S. Does anyone know how is battery holding charge after 9 years?

Niko Stiria
9 months ago

Is there an upgrade front grille kit available for this car to make it look like 2017 Model S?

EV noob
9 months ago

What OS Tesla main display computer use? Looks like Linux but I’d like to know for sure.

8 months ago

Looking to buy one of these as it is being offered for a reasonable price.
I hear all 2014 Model S cars come with unlimited supercharging.
Is that transferable to the second or third owner?

Tesla owner
2 months ago

My 2014 Model S still has a very powerful acceleration like on the day one. Battery range is still good, although it dropped around 15% from when the car was new.

2 months ago

I’ve noticed that car performance and stability improves with better quality tires. There are very significant forces that we need to take into consideration when driving electric cars with fast acceleration.

2014 Tesla Model S Owner
2 months ago

As someone who has owned both Audi and Mercedes cars all my life, I was impressed by the Model S’s superiority in 2014. While the car still performs flawlessly, I’m thinking about upgrading to 2023 model, just to get the newest tech. Electric vehicles like the Model S can seem intimidating until you own one, but once you do, it’s hard to imagine going back to gas engine cars.

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