How to reset Tesla valet PIN

If you’ve forgotten the valet PIN for your Tesla, you can reset it in one of the following ways:

  1. Reset from Inside the Car:
    You can reset the valet PIN from inside your Tesla by entering your Tesla Account credentials, which also cancels Valet mode.
  2. Reset Using the Mobile App:
    You can also reset your PIN using the Tesla mobile app.
    If you have set up the phone app with your password, go to
    Controls -> Valet Mode
    in the app and underneath in small font it says “Clear PIN“.
    Tap that after you deactivate it and it should clear it in the car.

Remember, you must be registered with Tesla as the current owner to reset the PIN.

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1 month ago

If you forget your driving PIN, touch the link to enter
your Tesla login credentials on the PIN to Drive popup,
then follow the instructions on the touchscreen.

28 days ago

Thanks. I’ll look into it!

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