Should Tesla key card be given to a valet for parking

Yes, you can give a Tesla key card to a valet for parking.
However, it’s highly recommended to put your Tesla into Valet Mode before handing it over.
Valet Mode limits the vehicle’s speed, locks the glove box, disables the trunk and frunk access, and restricts personal info.
This way, you can ensure the valet can park your car without having access to sensitive areas or information.
Remember to set a 4-digit PIN for Valet mode that you can later use to disable it.

Activating Valet Mode on your Tesla is quite straightforward. Just follow these the steps:

  1. With your Tesla in Park, touch on the driver profile icon/name on your Tesla screen.
  2. Select “Valet Mode” from the drop-down menu.
  3. You will be prompted to enter a four-digit PIN the first time you enable Valet Mode.
  4. Once the PIN is entered, the screen will display that Valet Mode has been enabled.

You can also activate it remotely using the Tesla mobile app by going to
Security > Valet Mode.

Once Valet Mode is activated, Tesla’s operating system restricts some of the car’s functionality to ensure the safety and privacy of your vehicle.

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27 days ago

Should I ask them if they know how to drive Tesla?

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