How to use Voice Commands on Model 3

Voice commands are designed to understand natural requests. You can use voice commands to:

• Call a contact.
• Navigate to a location.
• Listen to music.
• Control various aspects of Model 3.

To initiate a voice command, press the right scroll button on the steering wheel or tap the microphone button on the touchscreen. When you hear the tone, speak your command. As you speak, the touchscreen displays an interpretation of your command. It also displays tips to remind you of the type of commands you can speak. When you finish speaking the command, press the voice button again or simply wait.

• To call a contact on your Bluetooth-connected phone, say “Call” or “Dial”, followed by the contact’s first and/or last name(s). For example, “Call Joe” or “Call Joe Smith”.

• To search for, or navigate to, a location, say “Where is”, “Drive to”, or “Navigate to”, followed by an address, business name, business category, or landmark. For example, “Where is Stanford University?”, “Drive to Tesla in Palo Alto”, or “Navigate to Starbucks on Homestead in Cupertino”. If you have defined a navigation address for your home or work locations, you can use a voice command to navigate there by saying “Navigate home” or “Navigate to work”.

• To listen to an Internet music service, say “Listen to” or “Play”, followed by the name of the song, album, artist, or combination. To improve voice recognition accuracy, provide multiple cues in your command, such as artist plus song (for example, “Listen to Yellow Brick Road” or “Play Yellow Brick Road by Elton John”).

• Control various aspects of Model 3 by speaking statements or commands. For example, “Speed up the wipers”, “The screen is too bright”, “Turn on the driver’s seat heater”, “I’m cold”.

NOTE: To choose the language you want to use for voice commands, touch Controls > Display > Voice Recognition Language.

NOTE: Tesla is continuously improving the ability of Model 3 to recognize voice commands. To support these ongoing quality improvements, Tesla captures short voice recordings anonymously. To protect your privacy, these short recordings are not associated with your personal information or with your vehicle’s identification number. Tesla assures that it is not possible to search any system for a recording associated with a specific customer or vehicle.

Apps and Settings“Open browser/phone/camera/lock settings…”
“Search Google for the weather…”
“Go to…”
Car Controls“Activate sentry mode”
“Increase screen brightness”
“Turn on windshield wipers/increase wiper speed”
“Fold/unfold side mirrors”
“Open charge port”
“Lock doors”
Climate Controls“Set the temperature/fan…”
“Turn on the air conditioning/dog mode/camp mode…”
“Make it warmer”
“Set the driver’s seat warmer to…”
“Decrease fan speed…”
“I’m cold”
“Turn on recirculate”
Navigation“Go home/to work/to the airport…”
“Navigate to 45500 Fremont Blvd…”
“Take me to the school/the park…”
“Zoom in”
“Turn on satellite mode/traffic…”
“Display Superchargers/Destination Chargers…”
“Stop navigation”
“Mute voice guidance”
Phone“Call home/Franz/Syd…”
“Text message David”
Media“Open music, Netflix/YouTube…”
“Search for…”
“Mute media”
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