How to use Steering Yoke on Model S

Applies to 2021+ Model S

Adjusting Steering Yoke Position

To adjust the steering yoke, touch Controls and touch the Steering icon.
Use the left scroll button on the steering yoke to move the steering yoke to the desired position:
– To adjust the height/tilt angle of the steering yoke, roll the left scroll button up or down.
– To move the steering yoke closer to you, or further away from you, press the left scroll button to the left or right.

Do not make steering yoke adjustments while driving.

Adjusting Steering Effort

You can adjust the feel and sensitivity of the steering system to suit your personal preference:

1. On the touchscreen, touch Controls > Pedals & Steering > Steering Mode.
2. Choose a steering option:
Comfort – Reduces the effort required to turn the steering yoke. In town, Model S feels easier to drive and park.
Standard – Tesla believes that this setting offers the best handling and response in most conditions.
Sport – Increases the effort required to turn the steering yoke. When driving at higher speeds, Model S feels more responsive.

Steering Yoke Buttons

Model S features stalkless driving in which all controls you need when driving are accessible on the steering yoke:

Right turn signal.
High beam headlights*.
Left turn signal.
Left scroll button.
Identifier that is always illuminated to indicate that the right scroll wheel can be used with cruise control.
Right scroll button.
Voice commands.

*The behaviors associated with the buttons for headlight high beams and wipers vary depending on whether you press or press and hold the button.

Simultaneously holding down both the left and right scroll buttons while Model S is parked causes the touchscreen to restart.

Left Scroll Button

Use the scroll button on the left side of the steering yoke to adjust the position of the mirrors and steering yoke. It also controls the wipers and media player.

When using media player, push the button to the left to go back to the previous song or station or push it to the right to skip to the next song or station.
To increase/decrease the volume of the sound system, roll the button up/down.

The scroll button adjusts the volume for media and phone calls based on what is currently in use. As you adjust the volume, the touchscreen displays the volume level and whether you are adjusting volume for media or phone.

To mute the media volume, or to pause/play an audio file, push the scroll button.

When adjusting mirrors, push the button to the left/right to move the associated mirror inward/outward and up/down to position the mirror upward or downward.

When adjusting the position of the steering yoke, roll the button up/down to adjust the tilt/angle and press the button to the left or right to move the steering yoke closer or further.

When a menu displays on the instrument panel from which you can choose options (for example, wipers), use the scroll button to choose an option (up, down, left, or right).

Right Scroll Button

Use the scroll button on the right side of the steering yoke to control Autopilot features such as Autosteer and Traffic-Aware Cruise Control:

When driving, push and release the button to engage Autosteer or Traffic-Aware Cruise Control. If Autosteer Activation is set to Double Click (touch Controls > Autopilot Activation > Autosteer Activation), a single push engages Traffic-Aware Cruise Control only and you must push and release twice to engage Autosteer. Once engaged, pushing the button cancels Autosteer and/or Traffic-Aware Cruise Control.

When Model S is in Park, push the button twice to automatically engage Summon (if equipped) before exiting the vehicle.

When Traffic-Aware Cruise Control is engaged, rolling the scroll button up/down increase/decreases the set cruising speed respectively.

There is currently no action associated with pushing the right scroll button to the left and right.

Heated Steering Yoke

To warm up the steering yoke, touch the temperature icon on the touchscreen to display climate controls, then touch the steering yoke icon. When turned on, radiant heat keeps the steering yoke at a comfortable temperature.


To sound the horn, press and hold the horn button on the right side of the steering yoke.

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