2022 Tesla Semi

Semi Specs

Fully Loaded at 82k lbs Gross Combination Weight

Mile Range:
Approximately 300 or 500 miles

0-60 mph:
20 seconds

Speed Up a 5% Grade:
Highway speed limit

3 independent motors on rear axles

Energy Consumption:
Less than 2 kWh per mile

Fast Charging:
Up to 70% of range in 30 minutes

Fuel Savings (est.)
Up to $200,000 over 3 years *

*Based on average diesel prices in California between February 2022–July 2022 and typical electric rates.


Three independent motors provide instant torque and unmatched power at any speed so drivers can merge safely and keep pace with traffic. Accelerate from 0-60 mph in 20 seconds, fully loaded, and maintain highway-level speeds even up steep grades.


Semi comes standard with active safety features that pair with advanced motor and brake controls to deliver traction and stability in all conditions. A central seating position gives the driver better visibility, while an all-electric architecture reduces both rollover risk and cabin intrusion in case of an accident.


Combination trucks account for about 18 percent of U.S. vehicle emissions—Semi will help change that. With less than 2 kWh per mile of energy consumption, Semi can travel up to 500 miles on a single charge. Recover up to 70 percent of range in 30 minutes using Tesla’s Semi Chargers.

Cost of Ownership

Charging with electricity is approximately 2.5 times cheaper per mile than refueling with diesel.* Operators can see estimated fuel savings of up to $200,000 within their first three years of ownership. With remote diagnostics, over-the-air software updates and fewer moving parts to maintain, operators will spend less time at service centers and more time on the road.

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5 months ago

Have any other companies received their vehicles besides Pepsi?

5 months ago

I saw Jay Leno driving one of these…

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