How to open or lock glovebox on Tesla

To open the glovebox, touch
Controls > Glovebox
on the bottom corner of the touchscreen. The glovebox automatically opens and its light turns on.

To close the glovebox, push it upward until it clicks into its closed position.

Glovebox PIN

For additional security, you can protect the contents in your glovebox with a 4-digit PIN (Personal Identification Number).

To enable this setting, touch
Controls > Safety & Security > Glovebox PIN
and follow the on-screen prompts. When enabled, you are prompted to enter the PIN to open the glovebox.

To disable this setting, return to Safety & Security, select the toggle to disable and then enter the PIN.

If you forget your glovebox PIN, reset it by entering your Tesla login credentials, then follow the on-screen prompts.

NOTE: When you open the glovebox with both Glovebox PIN and Valet mode enabled, you are prompted for the glovebox PIN and taken out of Valet mode after the glovebox opens.

NOTE: If you leave the glovebox open, its light eventually turns off.

NOTE: The glovebox locks whenever closed and you lock Tesla using the mobile app, key card, you leave Tesla carrying your authenticated phone (if WalkAway Door Lock is turned on), or if Valet mode is active.

It does not lock when Tesla is locked by touching the lock icon on the touchscreen.

WARNING: When driving, keep the glovebox closed to prevent injury to a passenger if a collision or sudden stop occurs.

How to Calibrate Windows on Tesla

Calibrating Windows

In the unlikely event that a window behaves unexpectedly (fails to open or close properly, goes down more than normal when the door opens, etc.), you can calibrate it to potentially fix the issue.

To calibrate a window:

  1. Close the door with the affected window.
  2. Sit in the driver’s seat and close the driver door.
  3. Use the driver window switch to raise the affected window until it stalls.
  4. Use the driver window switch to lower the affected window until it stalls.
  5. Use the driver window switch to raise the affected window until it stalls.

The window should now be calibrated. If the issue continues after attempting the calibration procedure a couple times, contact Tesla Service.

How to Lock Rear Windows on Tesla

Locking Rear Windows

To prevent passengers from using the rear window switches, touch

Controls > Quick Controls > Window

To unlock the rear windows, touch Window Lock again.

WARNING: To ensure safety, it is recommended that you lock the rear window switches whenever children are seated in the rear seats.

How to display Tesla vehicle info

Touch the Tesla “T” at the top center of the touchscreen as a one-touch shortcut to the Controls > Software tab, which displays:

• Vehicle name
• Vehicle configuration.
• Odometer.
• Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
• Version of software currently installed on your Tesla model
• Access to release notes associated with the currently installed software version.
• Access to owner’s manual.
• One-touch access to call Tesla Customer Support and Roadside Assistance (if available in your market region).